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YOKEiPTO Colletibles Demon Card NFT.
DuckZap first NFT collection on Paras since 2021.
'YOKEiPTO' from the word 'Yokai 妖怪' in Japanese means 'Demon'
combined with 'Crypto'.

Welcome to YOKEiPTO


[悪魔淵源] AKUMA GENESiS | アクマ ジェネシスThe First PFP Collection on Opensea.
1/1 Edition, Hand draw digital art.

Next step from 'YOKEiPTO'
'AKUMA GENESiS' are selected by fate to possess a 'Demon Soul', a powerful source of magic that granted them immense strength and abilities beyond that of any mortal.

Psychical Art

The other art technique that I love to do
Ink on paper
1/1 Hand drawing art by brush and ink.
Available for sell on my Facebook page.

Ink on Paper

About Artist

Hi! I'm DuckZap
Freelance Artist | Illustrator | Graphic Design | NFT Creator
Nice to meet you 👹

DuckZap 1995